Matt Cornell Releases New Album

Matt Cornell’s ‘My Soundtrack’ defining moment for artist.

“This is my first album that truly represents who I am as a person and as an artist.”

EVERYONE has their own soundtrack; those songs that bring back memories of the time and place you heard them. Matt Cornell’s latest album, My Soundtrack, could well become your soundtrack with its range of feel good, up-tempo tracks coupled with one heartbreak song.

Although this is Cornell’s fourth record and second country release, My Soundtrack cements who he is as an artist and as a person. The singer-songwriter, musical director and multi-instrumentalist, wrote or co-wrote all but one song on the album. Cornell wrote most of the album, with his co-writers, in two months.

“It was a crazy eight weeks, writing most days. Sometimes I was literally coming up with concepts and ideas to write about whilst driving to the writing sessions.”

In This Town, written with Allan Caswell, was the first single released from the album last year. Cornell drew on his experiences of travelling through country towns for the song. It tells the story of two characters – a retired old boxer and a young widowed mother who lost her husband in Iraq.

The title track defines this album. Written with Drew McAlister and Allan Caswell, it tells the story of the songs, bands and artists that Cornell grew up on. There’s even mention of a Richard Marx song, who Cornell supported on his 2016 national tour.

“I grew up on 80s music, as well as lots of albums from my parents’ vinyl collection. They would go on to define me as a musician and as an artist. When I hear a particular song, I can remember a particular time of my life.”

Cornell also wrote with good mate and Golden Guitar winner Damien Leith.

“I toured in Damien’s band shortly after he won Idol – that was ten years ago. Although we go way back, we’d never written together, so we finally made it happen, and ‘Rest Of Our Lives’ was born. There’s two love stories in this song, the couple mentioned, and the town they’re from.”

The one heartbreak track came from Cornell’s personal experience sixteen months ago close to Christmas. He described it as one of the most raw and honest songs he’d ever written.

“This song is highly personal for me, I started writing it at a time when I was as flat and heartbroken as you could be. It was close to two years ago now so the scars have healed, but out of that experience came this song, and I’m so proud of it.”

My Soundtrack is an album full of positivity, though, and Cornell wants people to take it on the road with them.

“It’s a great road trip album. Every track has a message with an infectious feel-good nature permeating the sound and stories.”

Matt Fell produced and mixed My Soundtrack with three tracks mixed in the USA by iconic mixing engineer Paul Lani and Paul Stefanidis mastered the album – he also directed Cornell’s last two film clips. Although personal, the songs and stories on My Soundtrack will be relatable to all listeners and lovers of great music. The singer-songwriter has found his home in country music thanks to the advice from good mate, Adam Brand.

“Adam, after hearing my 2011 album, Out Of Suburbia, said to me, ‘you don’t know it, but your songs are already country’, as he pointed out I tell stories through my songs; songs about the ups and downs of life. ‘That’s country'”, Adam said.

The Sydney artist has been warmly welcomed into the country music fold, being a 2014 CMC Music Awards New Oz Artist of the Year finalist, and has been nominated again, this time for Male Artist Of The Year at the 2017 CMC Music Awards. Cornell also enjoyed eight weeks in the No. 1 spot on the iTunes Country Chart as part of Adam Brand & The Outlaws.

Cornell will feature on Adam Brand’s Get On Your Feet tour, opening with Gemma Kirby, and performing a few songs from My Soundtrack.

“Playing live and touring is a great way to build my fanbase, make new friends, and connect with people through my songs.”


“Matt Cornell is a great artist” – Richard Marx

“Matt Cornell is first and foremost a wonderful musician. He writes songs that speak to the Australian heartland. He writes about real people with real emotion” – Jenny Morris

My Soundtrack is released on March 24 and launched at The Bridge Hotel in Rozelle, Sydney, on March 29.

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